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  • Email: < ditsing [at]>
  • Perler,喜欢C,喜欢linux,喜欢开发,喜欢研究
  • 喜欢数学,但是数学很菜
  • 喜欢读书,但是不文艺

  • HIT CS学生,行将毕业
  • 搞过ACM,银牌收场,被众牛鄙视多年
  • 前途未卜

Jing Yang

  • Email: < ditsing [at]>
  • Perler, likes C and Linux, likes developing and research
  • Enjoy math, but not good at
  • Enjoy reading, but not literature

  • Student of HIT Computer Science, will graduate soon
  • Used to be an ACMer, end up will silver medal, being despised
  • Nothing to do in the future